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Fat Guy & Bald Guy offers personalized “Outside Sales” and “Telemarketing” for your business.

Our Palmdale location only employs single Moms. We have created an environment where they can make money. The future of our nation depends on our children. By helping single Moms we ensure our future.

“Our single Moms are motivated, professionally trained and can help grow your business. We grow your business on a commission base only.”

  The Fat Guy will negotiate a percentage with you. We train our sales staff and telemarketers to your business. In addition we may, at our expense, do mailings and other forms of advertisement for no more than a percentage of what business we generate. There are no up-front fees or cost to you. It is 100% our investment. Our only form of compensation is commission. If we’re unsuccessful in generating new business, it is 100% our loss. We’re seeking honest business people with services or goods that serve the market place with integrity and good business practices.