Fat Guy Bald Guy Computer Services provides endpoint data backup protection in the cloud

The prevalence of endpoint devices including laptops and mobile devices in the enterprise makes corporate data increasingly vulnerable to loss and breach. And yet, workforce productivity is now inextricably linked to mobility. Fat Guy Bald Guy addresses both of these realities by giving IT the tools to confidently protect data across platforms and devices while also providing features designed to enhance the end user experience.

Top 3 Cloud Backup Challenges:

  1. Lack of data privacy
  2. Inability to scale geographically
  3. Perceived as slow, unreliable

Backing up your users’ endpoint devices to the cloud offers many benefits—including reduced infrastructure and management costs—but not all solutions provide protection, security, and performance that’s adequate for enterprise needs. Fat Guy Bald Guy offers rapid transfer speeds, global scalability, and true privacy for your data, providing secure, high-performance data protection in the cloud.

Data Privacy – No Exceptions

Unlike other cloud backup solutions, inSync uses a two-factor encryption system, ensuring that your data can only be decrypted by you. This complete approach to data privacy means AlotaYotta has no access to the encryption key—and consequently, no access to customer data, even under subpoena.

Turbo Charge Your File Transfers

Achieve LAN-like speeds on backups, restores, and data syncs with CloudCache, large data-set caching to and from the cloud. Flexible scheduling, bandwidth throttling, and cache sizing dramatically simplify the rollout of endpoint backup or device refresh process for tens of thousands of users by utilizing WAN bandwidth during off-peak hours. Fat Guy Bald Guys unique global deduplication technology prevents the unnecessary transfer and storage of duplicate data, reducing bandwidth and storage needs by as much as 80%. The result? Fast, lightweight backup and restore.

Cross-Platform Backup & Restore

Fat Guy Bald Guy supports backup, access, and restore across all platforms and devices.

  • Data backup protects corporate data on laptops, tablets, and smartphones – corporate or BYOD
  • Persona Backup preserves personal settings
  • Heterogeneous restore of data and settings to any device simplifies data migration

Market Share of the Devices and Platforms Supported by FatGuy Bald Guy Computer Services

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Fat Guy Bald Guy for File Sync and Share

Fat Guy Bald Guy Share provides IT complete visibility into sharing activity in the enterprise with the ability to fully regulate sharing both internally and externally. At the same time, Fat Guy Bald Guy Share provides end users with the easy-to-use functionality that they need to collaborate easily and effectively. It’s a win-win proposition.

Access, Productivity, and Collaboration

Fat Guy Bald Guy Share provides robust, easy-to-use functionality for the mobile workforce.

  • Quick access to all data from any device, whether or
    not that data has been shared
  • One-click secure file transfer with password, expiry, download limits, and tracking
  • Peer-to-peer and external sharing with permissions control and AD-mapped sharing groups make collaboration a breeze
  • Secure, organization-wide workspaces replace file servers

IT Control Over Corporate Data

With Fat Guy Bald Guy Share, IT can ensure data is not exposed to unauthorized individuals.

  • Detailed audit trails of sharing activities provide complete IT visibility into usage and tracking for compliance purposes
  • Custom policies for groups allow IT to manage who, where, and how data can be accessed and shared
  • External restrictions can be configured to ensure only trusted groups can share data with outside parties
  • Legal holds can be placed upon shared data for eDiscovery enablement

End-to-end Data Security and Privacy

Fat Guy Bald Guy Share protects shared data against breach and leakage with the strongest enterprise-grade security features.

  • Remote wipe and geo-location for laptops and mobile devices protect against data breach from lost and stolen devices
  • Encryption at-rest, and in-transit, across all devices, keeps your data constantly secure
  • Unique two-factor encryption prevents anyone except the customer—even AlotaYotta—from accessing data

Data Loss Prevention

When laptops and mobile devices are lost or stolen, corporate data is at risk of breach and leakage. Fat Guy Bald Guy provides comprehensive data loss prevention capabilities so that users can create and access corporate data in diverse locations while you rest assured that data is protected no matter what happens to devices.

Complete Mobile Data Protection

Fat Guy Bald Guy prevents data loss and breach on laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

  • Mobile data backup protects data from loss
  • Remote wipe, geo-location, and device encryption prevent data breach
  • Mobile container preserves user privacy on BYOD devices while protecting data
  • Configurable policies let IT control which apps can access inSync data

Remotely Wipe Corporate Data

When a device is lost or stolen, IT can completely remove corporate data.

  • Initiate remote wipe manually or by a pre-configured
    auto-delete policy
  • Selectively wipe only corporate data on BYOD devices, leaving personal data intact
  • Remote wipe meets NSA/CSS standards for data removal and disk sanitation

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Device encryption prevents unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data.

  • Device encryption leverages built-in encryption technology, such as Windows
    Encrypting File System
  • Selective encryption of files and folders eliminates heavy, full-disk encryption
  • Automatic encryption and decryption eliminates additional steps by users or IT

Geo-Locate Any Endpoint, At Any Time

IT can track the location of any device to determine if devices are lost or stolen.

  • Precise tracking provides the geographic location within
    10 meters
  • Google Maps interface provides details such as street, city, state, or country
  • Displays the last-known IP address of every device

Fat Guy Bald Guy Computer Services provides litigation-readiness with data governance capabilities.

The rise of the mobile workforce and the proliferation of endpoints have resulted in significant amounts of business data being no longer visible or accessible by IT— a costly and time-consuming burden when organizations need to identify, collect, and preserve content for eDiscovery. Fat Guy Bald Guy is the only endpoint data protection platform that delivers the needed capabilities to locate custodian data, place legal holds and provide an interface for eDiscovery system ingestion.

Top 3 eDiscovery challenges:

  1. Lack of visibility into data on endpoint devices
  2. Untraceable data access and sharing by employees
  3. Labor-intensive, costly data collection processes

Regulate Data Use for Compliance

Control data activity with policies

With Fat Guy Bald Guy, IT can ensure compliance by establishing granular policy controls for data backup, access, and sharing. Administrators can set policies individually or for groups of similar users to control how often backups occur, whether users can access data from personal devices, whether they can share data outside the organization, and more.

Preserve in Place with Legal Holds

Fat Guy Bald Guy enables IT to quickly respond to their legal department inquiries. After identifying custodians via federated search or list import, organizations can place legal holds on collected data, suspending retention policies and preserve the content in place — ensuring it remains securely stored and immutable until it needs to be reviewed.